Week #5—September 17 to 21        

Okay, I am finally able to give everyone a statement by Friday so you know where you stand at this point. Sorry it took so long, but there was a hold up on the government side, which made it hard to get the accounts set up. We have an enjoyable week planned and we expect the kids to come home tired and happy.  Please remember to hook up your Kroger card so we get credit for your purchases. This is done through their on-line site.


2nd Hit the rewards tab

3rd go to community rewards

4th sign in and your account will come up

5th if it asked for our organization number, it is GT238

Monday—A normal day with Spanish around mid-day. Full bus route

Tuesday—The Tigers and the Foxes will go to Milam Park today and play around in the creek (around 1:00).  In the morning, the Cats will go to the library.

Wednesday—The Foxes will go down to the library and check out books today—if they don’t have a DeKalb County card, they can check out one book on the school card. If they do have a card, they can check out two.  Dance class is today, in the gym, at 1:00!!

Thursday—The Tigers will begin tennis this afternoon, so they need cool clothing and tennis shoes.

Friday—The Tigers will go see the Continental Divide today, along with visiting the Decatur library—probably after lunch. Abbreviated bus route today. Electronics can come today–don’t forget the charger and the passwords!!

Hot Lunch will be Popeye’s Boneless Wings with Biscuits and mashed potatoes