Hello Mighty Oaks! This week has been great! Monday everyone had the pleasure of just relaxing in the classroom by playing board games and icebreakers to get us familiar with each other. I enjoyed playing games like checkers  and connect four with my students. In doing so, I feel this  definitely helped everyone understand that my classroom is a place for everyone to feel comfortable. Tuesday was the beginning of our work week. When I begin my lessons on Native American History next week I will start with the Hopi tribe. So to get my students introduced to the Hopi tribe I had them complete a worksheet that had a small passage , a secret code and a few questions that could be answered by reading the text.This allowed me to identify how well my students can read and comprehend what they are reading.  In order to make sure my students understand Native American history entirely,I feel they should first learn about the structure of America , like the states , regions and climates of America. I feel learning the structure of America will help my students understand the livelihood of the different Native American groups. So for the rest of the week, we finished labeling all the states and did a couple of exercises associated with climate and the Native American heritage.

Next week I  plan on teaching about the Hopi, Hohokam and Cherokee tribes. We will also start our projects on the Pueblo models so that we will begin to understand how the Hopi tribes lived and still live today. I am so excited to teach this lesson since it is a part of history that is sometimes overlooked and goes underappreciated because of it. Week one is over, let week two begin! See you all Tuesday and may everyone enjoy their Labor Day weekend!