Awards Day Opening Speech

Good Morning! I am so happy to be here with you all–my friends, my teachers, my students.  Kingfisher is a unique place with a kind of community and a kind of spirit that you rarely encounter in an elementary/middle school setting.  Always, we are blessed by working with kids that are full of ideas–driving the bus on a field trip you can listen to them talking and chatting and mumbling and shouting to each other about their families, their computer games, their outside sports activities, their hobbies, their favorite movies, their dogs. Also, you might hear them sing–they are doing more of that on the bus than anywhere else! These kids have ideas and they want to let everyone know about them.

There is a Persian Proverb: “You can judge a tree first by its fruit” and this has meaning at Kingfisher.  You parents send us your bright shiny pears and apples and peaches and we encourage them to become more and more like themselves and to stay interested in exactly what they love to do.  And, of course, we hope they will try new things and learn new skills over time.  This year, we have alumni students sending me graduation invitations from their colleges and so, I spent part of last weekend looking at old photos of Kingfisher kids from way back then. Strangely they look like the kids we are watching today–Kingfisher Kids are active and knowledgeable and fun to be around.

Everyone here is recognized for their gifts and every parent feels justifiably proud of their children–our talented and gifted children will be the ones who will discover the cures for diseases and will cook up easy low-calorie gourmet meals, and explore the jungles of Kenya and build bridges in Australia and run for President.  We must tend to these shiny, sparkly, brilliant children and all adults should be involved in helping theses children grow.

The Kingfisher Kids surprise and impress us every day with some little thing that the teachers share with one another–smiling about the answers a boy gave to questions in science or the little dance that someone does when its time to go outside (or to the bathroom).  We enjoy and adore these guys and we are so happy to have the people here that also enjoy and adore them.  I hope you love this little show–I know we loved putting it together for you.  Welcome to the 19th Annual Kingfisher Awards Ceremony!