Everyone loves bicycle day, a 19-year tradition at Kingfisher Academy. This year, bike day is on October 12th. Everyone brings a bike and a helmet and we ride, baby, ride!  We ride around the parking lot beside our school, sometimes we ride at the park, we sometimes ride down and have ice cream at a close-by restaurant. Bike riding is great exercise and we often use some time to discuss safety in bike riding–helmet wearing, riding with the traffic or on the sidewalk, etc. We also talk about alternative transportation–could you grow up and ride a bike to your job? Does anyone ride a bike to their job, now? What would make cities more friendly to alternative transportation? This is a problem for the kids today that none of us talked about when we were in school (100 years ago). When I was in high school the discussion was about “when can I get a car?” never “should I get a car?” Times have changed. Who knows whether the teens of today will be riding hover crafts to work in the future. I certainly hope so.