We have been very busy with all of our subjects. Let me begin with reading. Last week Los Gatos went to the library and each picked out a book. In the classroom, they are reading their books-or another book choice-during silent reading. We read a book most days together as a group. Each student reads a page or two as we pass the book around. This activity helps to instill reading confidence and may some day improve public speaking skills. For those who dabble in the theatrical arts, it is a great activity to help practice voice inflection and voice projection. Some of the more quiet readers in the beginning are really projecting their voice more and more. In addition, this is a great way to learn our vocabulary words as we stop and talk about any words we do not understand and we often act them out.

We write everyday as the students either write on a topic related to books we read or other topics we are working on, or I am dictating to them as the students transcribe. This is a spelling activity as words are written on the board or students help each other to sound out words and it is a reading comprehension activity as the students visualize the story as they write about it. They are asked to close their writing journals and answer all questions from the teacher about what they just wrote. The students are really starting to enjoy this! Art is incorporated into the day daily and I am so impressed with these wonderful artists!

In Math we are practicing more and more place value, greater than less than, addition and subtraction, skip counting and there is usually a word problem every day. Los Gatos are being exposed to elapsed time questions randomly throughout the day in casual conversation-mostly by student prompting for example “How much longer until…..”-the students are encouraged daily to look at the clock and the teacher will help them figure out how many more minutes until such and such activity. The students are expected to read the calendar as well if they are in question as to the date since they are required to put name and date on all work. We work on other mental Math scenarios all the time as we did today on the anniversary of 9-11. The students calculated that this year is the seventeenth anniversary, In Science, they are learning about vertebrate mammals and how to classify them, Continents and they are continuing to measure their sea creatures!