Our middle elementary class this year will largely be doing 3rd through 4th grade work. However, as in all our classes due to the INDIVIDUALIZED attention they receive, some students will be able to work ahead or catch up as needed in various subjects.

This class usually takes tennis as the sports elective, but they will also have a social studies and/or art project time daily with Ms. D, so they will be busy as can be this year.

We intend to have a science fair again this year in February/March and possibly an art show sometime in April.


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Curriculum Overview

Upcoming Quiz and Test Dates

Here is a list of the next quiz/test dates  Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Quiz :2-08-2018 (vocabulary four movement that create motivations, etc. Chapter 1 Lesson 3 Quiz : 2-15-2018 (vocabulary , natural resources (renewable vs. nonrenewable)) Chapter 1 Test :2-21-2018 Chapter 2...

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What's Happening This Week:

Friday Letter March 16th

Dear Ones, So many things to tell you. I’ll try to be brief. We are finishing up our book “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and the kids are really flying along—examining the motives of different characters and laughing at the antics of Peter’s little brother. We are...

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Field Trips!

Water Oaks Going to the Carlos

Thursday, February 15th, the water oaks will be going to the Carlos Museum to see a "real museum" in action. This trip goes with finishing up our book: The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and will give us a chance to do a little quiet exploration of our...

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Checking out the Chickens

Wednesday morning of this week, we’ll be visiting chickens! We finished up our reading of Sam the Man and the Chicken Plan and after learning alot about chickens and discussing chickens endlessly, we decided we needed to see real chickens “close up” and the Fernbank...

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Science Fair

Science Fair Project Plan for Oaks and Red Oaks Everyone will need a display flat (available at the Dollar King for $1 right now) OAKS: (Red Oaks see further below) On the flat, there will be sections labeled: What’s the Question Being Explored? (This is the Central...

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