Our middle elementary class this year is comprised of ages 7, 8 and 9 year olds. They will largely be doing 2nd through 4th grade work. However, as in all our classes due to the INDIVIDUALIZED attention they receive, some students will be able to work ahead or catch up as needed in various subjects.

This class usually takes tennis as the sports elective, but they will also have an art-infused curriculum this year that will include many projects to go with their studies—culminating in an art show toward the end of the year. They will also participate in the science fair in the winter.

Teachers: Ms Debbie and Mr Smith



Owls Curriculum Overview

Awareness & Involvement: The owls will be aware of their decisions, progress, capabilities and expectations in/out of the classroom. The owls will be involved in setting guidelines for behavior (class rules), rubrics/expectations for completed assignments, peer...

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Friday Letter

The Owl’s Nest

We had a wonderful week this week! The owls now have a Math Game Center where they can play board games, matching games, Math War!, and other activities which challenge their math skills! During literacy time, the Hunting Owls read The Little Red Hen and the Ugly...

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Career Learning Events

Career Learning Event – #2 Veterinarian

Being a veterinarian was the focus of our Career Learning event #2. So, we visited a local Veterinarian Clinic. Our Kingfisher students toured the operating room, X-ray room, dental area and the Kennel. We got to ask lots of good questions and as you will see we had a...

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How Career Learning Events at Kingfisher Got Started

Hands-on learning in action with the Middle Elementary Class (Owls). Kingfisher Career Learning Events are our version of exciting field trips that center around what our students want to be when they grow up. The idea for the Learning Events was developed out of Ms....

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Water Properties and Biomes

The Owls are studying the properties of water and then will move to talking about water biomes. We are so excited to do some hands-on stuff in science, but everyone needs to be prepared. Send some boots that can get dirty that stay here. Send an old t-shirt to cover...

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Spanish Project Coming!

Be ready--another Spanish project is coming and since we are working on occupations, there may be a way to incorporate that group of concepts into the project. Ask your kiddos about it. Hasta Manana!

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Tennis Begins Now! Finally!

Tennis classes begin this week (Wednesday) at the Perimeter College tennis courts with Coach Chris from UTA. The cost is only $7/class and this is for 2nd graders on up. We have worked with several different organizations at this point, but these are the new...

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