Our middle elementary class this year is comprised of ages 8 to 9 year olds. They will largely be doing 3rd through 4th grade work. However, as in all our classes due to the INDIVIDUALIZED attention they receive, some students will be able to work ahead or catch up as needed in various subjects.

This class usually takes tennis as the sports elective, but they will also have a social studies and/or art project time daily with Ms. D, so they will be busy as can be this year.

We intend to have a science fair again this year in February/March and possibly an art show sometime in April.


Ms Debbie: Language Arts, Math, Science  debbie@kingfisheracademy.org

Ms D:  Social Studies, Art talia@kingfisheracademy.org

Curriculum Overview

Oaks Are Getting Mathematical

The Oaks are beginning the second half of the year working diligently on multiplication and division. We are moving through the processes as a group and individually, kids should be practicing the tables at home. Maybe flashcards will help or even poster board with...

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What's Happening This Week:

Sept. 29-Friday Letter

Another week of school has passed—these days fly by and sometimes the kids argue about what day it is on Friday, because they can’t believe the week is almost over. We are reading a Ramona story right now in class and everyone gets to read aloud.  The kids are still...

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Field Trips!

Career Learning Event – #2 Veterinarian

Being a veterinarian was the focus of our Career Learning event #2. So, we visited a local Veterinarian Clinic. Our Kingfisher students toured the operating room, X-ray room, dental area and the Kennel. We got to ask lots of good questions and as you will see we had a...

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St Patrick’s Day March and Feast

The annual St. Patrick's Day March and Feast celebration started off with a parade down Main Street Tucker. We capped it off with lunch at the Local Seven. [gallery link="file"...

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Water Properties and Biomes

The Owls are studying the properties of water and then will move to talking about water biomes. We are so excited to do some hands-on stuff in science, but everyone needs to be prepared. Send some boots that can get dirty that stay here. Send an old t-shirt to cover...

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Spanish Project Coming!

Be ready--another Spanish project is coming and since we are working on occupations, there may be a way to incorporate that group of concepts into the project. Ask your kiddos about it. Hasta Manana!

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