First, this is new to us as well as to you guys. Please make suggestions and read all of this carefully. If you find deals on things to make the school safer and more resilient, please let us know. We are trying to make this a good year for your kids and want everyone to be comfortable.


Most classrooms will have desks or tables arranged so that social distance can be maintained easily.

Everyone must wear a mask—staff, children, visitors, parents much of the day. The youngest kids can take breaks outside without masks. Older kids can still run wildly around during recess, but unless physical distance is maintained, masks will need to stay on. 

Classrooms will have windows open often and will have air purifiers going during the school day. 

There will be 10 people in each classroom, including the teacher. Class size will stay the same throughout the day.


Door knobs, switches, faucets, railings on the stairs, high-touch items will be wiped with sanitizing sheets 3 times a day and sprayed 2 times a day with Lysol or other sanitizing product. 

Morning meeting will happen outside in good weather, all spaced out and will be cancelled during wet weather. 

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival at the school daily.

Any child that runs a fever of 100.5 or higher during the course of the day must go home immediately. The child will wait in the office for pick-up. 

The school day will be shorter by 30 minutes, but we’ll start a bit earlier and try to stay on track carefully. With no afterschool, we meet the CDC requirement for a short school time. 

Every child will bring their own hand sanitizer and their own mask (with a spare mask). We will also wash hands at entry and before leaving and periodically throughout the day. We will use soap and water and paper towels in the bathroom. 

The water fountain will be disabled and kids can bring their own reusable water bottles. We’ll have gallon jugs of water to refill water bottles as needed.

Students should bring their own pencils and erasers in a plastic pencil box labeled with their name and we’ll have a few spares but won’t be sharing writing utensils. 

Although we have often had parents helping in the classrooms—reading stories or helping tutor, this year we cannot do that, due to the numbers allowed in the classrooms at one time. 

We’ll do birthday parties outside at the parks so kids can have cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday in fresh air. 


There will be no hot lunch on Fridays. Children will not mix groups during lunch and lunches will be eaten at each child’s personal spot (on table or at desk). Trays will be set out for lunches to go on, along with a paper tray cover. After lunch, tray covers can go in the trash, lunch paper trash goes into the lunchboxes, food waste goes into the composting jar, and trays go into the janitorial closet to be sterilized at the end of the day. Many classes will eat outside, with the same procedures.


The bus will hold 8 students with a driver about six feet apart if one sits on each seat. We’ll have the windows open and be masked up during the ride.