This is going to be a wonderful week with some nice, calming activities to get ready for the Thanksgiving Feast on Friday, November 17th.  We are learning some things to recite to you all before the FEAST and we are practicing our good manners, so as to be good hosts and hostesses. Also, we have our traditional tie-dye day on Wednesday of this week, so make sure your child has a white, 100% cotton t-shirt to dye. Also, I have a pair of glasses (left at Los Colinas) that appear to fit an adult—with silver and white frames—if you lost a pair, let me know. There’s a quick trip to Fernbank tomorrow for the Oaks and possibly a movie on Thursday for the Royal Palms.  We had a visit from the Boy Scout organizer from our area last week and he plans to come show the boys a fire-starter activity tomorrow. Some have already signed up by sending in a check and a form, but the actual sign up day is this Wednesday at 3:30. You can come ask him questions and send in forms. The meetings are going to be scheduled with a troop that’s already meeting, so parental commitment will be a bit less difficult than it would be in starting a troop. I’ll have flyers for you to look at.

Monday—a regular day with setting up for both tie-dying and for the FEAST. Lots of math and writing, as well.

Tuesday—The Oaks will go see Fernbank Science Center’s spiders and lizards. This will be in the morning and is just a quickie to go with reading Charlotte’s Web.

Wednesday—Today the Willows and Oaks will combine and we have Tie-Dye Day. This will be messy, but fun—send clothes you don’t care about, as there is certain to be a bit of splashing.  This will take  place off and on all day.

Thursday—We are thinking about a movie with the Royal Palms today. A note goes home with a permission spot for parents to sign.  No Spanish today, but projects are due next Thursday!

Friday—Poetry and Popcorn is today and most kids will be reciting at least one verse by heart. Also, hot lunch today is Meat Loaf, Green Beans and Corn and dinner rolls. Tennis is this afternoon and this will be the last tennis class till after Thanksgiving.