Week #5—September 23 to 27

What an excellent first month we’ve had—some new faces, some new teachers, some old friends, lots of action and activity along with addition, subtraction, tree studies, cloud studies, hot lunch, park recess, hiking through a forest, setting up new rituals and having birthday cupcakes often. . . school is busy. In October we have the PTO coming up on October 3rd, an Outdoor Day at Stone Mountain on October 11th, a Halloween luncheon on the 31st, along with report cards coming out somewhere between the last week of October and the first week of November. I’ll put together a calendar this week.

Monday—The third day of dance class and it’s a small group, now, potentially bigger later.  That’s from 1:00 to 2:00. Today is a regular bus route and afterschool is with Miss Fatuma.

Tuesday—This is the Tempest’s library day. We’ll celebrate the advent of autumn in the Hurricanes by having apple cider. Today, Miss Fatuma does afterschool.

Wednesday—Today, Miss Jannette does afterschool.

Thursday—Piano Lessons this morning from 10:30 to 11:15. Library Day for the Whirlwinds and Wind Shears. Jannette is the afterschool teacher. The Tempests go to see “Space” at the Puppet Center this morning and they’ll be gone much of the day. We’ll network with the piano teacher to set a scheduled make-up class.

Friday—Today the Hurricanes have library time and everyone has Spanish today. Jannette has afterschool today, which ends at 5:00. No bus routes today.

A Puppet Show for older kids—SPACE on Thursday 9/26/19 for the Tempests.  We’ll have a permission slip ready to sign this week. Cost: $8 per ticket.

Parents—please send in your child’s shot records. They will be on a form 3231 and you can have your MD office e-mail them to me, if you like.