Door Letter    Door Letter    Door Letter    Door Letter

February 19 to February 23

A wonderful, normal week is coming up. No days off. No exciting parties. Just good old school days with routines and interesting activities. Remember to send cans of food for the Food Drive!

We are beginning an examination of safety here at school. I’m investigating a better doorbell/video system. We’ll be ordering it this week and I’ll look for help installing when it comes. In the meantime, we will be locking the inside door at 9:15 a.m. and the outside door at 9:30 a.m. If you are coming after that time, phone us and we’ll come let you in. As soon as the doorbell is installed (we’re going to put it on the inside door, I expect) then we’ll be able to see who’s at the door and can come let the person in. School begins at 8:30 with morning meeting and ends at 3:30. We’ll be keeping the outside door locked until 3:15. I know this is an inconvenience for everyone, but safety is paramount. Please ask questions if you need further information. I’ll be carrying the school phone around with me to make certain that we hear the ring.

On Thursday, the Palms are doing a cultural trip to eat lunch at Mughals .  They will be eating traditional Pakistani/Indian food and will have a short form to fill out after the eating experience. Friday the Red Oaks and Willows will go to Stone Mountain to see the cool Science museum and play on the playground.

Monday (2/19) A regular school day to make up for the snow days missed.

Tuesday (2/20) We’ll probably go to Milam Park today for recess. A little muddy, but great playground equipment. Hypothesis statements are due today (based on their question). Also, DeKalb kids have a library trip.

Wednesday (2/21) Dramakids in the afternoon. No bus today. New art projects started today with the Oaks. Tours all Day.

Thursday (2/22) Palms go to Mughals for lunch. We’ll leave around 11:30. They need to wear their school shirts. Also, Gwinnett kids have a library trip.

Friday (2/23) Hot Lunch will be sweet/sour Chicken with Fried Rice. (We’re going to try chopstix!)  The Red Oaks and Willows go to Stone Mountain after lunch and will probably not return until around 3:00. They need to wear their school shirts and sneakers.


Have a wonderful week!


Debbie Gathmann