This week will be busy and fun—the 100th day of school is tomorrow and the children have tons of plans. The Palms have a Biography Project for Black History along with an equation for the 100th day. The Oaks have a 100th day division project and the Willows have a counting project for the 100th day. Everyone will be receiving a project description for the Science Fair Project (not due till the end of March). On Thursday, the teachers are becoming models for the Spanish class to help with learning the items of apparel and describing words in Spanish. And field trips . . .and dramakids . . .and visitors . .

Monday—February 5th—today we are reviewing the plans for Black History Month along with talking about the 100th day of school tomorrow. (See notes at  bottom)

Tuesday—February 6th—library/100th day—counting, eating, talking about the 100th much of the morning. Gwinnett county students go to the library today. Oaks will be writing a letter to the governor to make suggestions for a better Georgia today.

Wednesday—February 7th—tour day—nothing different today, just the usual schedule. If not too rainy, we’ll go back to Henderson Park today with the Willows. Dramakids in the afternoon.

Thursday—February 8th—library for the DeKalb kids this morning. Today the Oaks begin a new science study of trees. We’ll go see the arboretum at Tucker Recreation Center and maybe make time to see the new one down LaVista near Oak Grove.

Friday—February 9th—hot lunch of Chicken Parmesan with noodles and Italian rolls. Pottery Place at North DeKalb trip for the Willows.

100th Day Plans—the kids may wear slippers (but bring sneakers just in case); everyone in the Palms needs to have ready an equation that totals out to 100 that they can present to the school at circle time. Everyone in the Oaks is bringing 100 objects (even sticks or matches) divided into baggies evenly to demonstrate a division problem. I’m bringing 100 peppermints divided into 5 baggies. Then, the Oaks are going to do numerous projects around 100—eating 100 pretzels or chips; reading for 100 minutes total throughout the day; maybe building with 100 Legos, etc. etc. This is a fun day and lots of interest in ways to work with the number 100.

Note that the science fair is slated for the last week in March. A page of instructions is going home tomorrow morning. The Palms are also doing a cross-cultural study of food and will be visiting various restaurants around the metro to check out different foods.