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Week #23

This week will be busy and fun—the 100th day of school is Wednesday and the children will have tons of activities around the number 100. There is a field trip for Amina’s and Fatuma’s classes tomorrow to the Center for Puppetry Arts in the morning. We have a college student coming to observe classes this week and next and also several visiting students will be here to see if Kingfisher is a good fit for them. We’re planning for Valentine’s Day and have some art projects on tap for that. So many fun things!

And, of course, Superbowl recovery day when we talk about the ads and the game endlessly. And spend a minute thinking about the groundhogs’ conflicting stories—one of them said “six more weeks” and one of them said “hello spring”.

3 things to send to school: a shoebox with a lid, white erasers (we are completely out of erasers and we do a lot of erasing), any old clothes that you were planning to get to Goodwill. We have a box for collecting on the breezeway. This is a project for a service club at Tucker Middle School and we’re helping them out by being a collection point.

Monday—February 3rd—today we are beginning a short assembly around Black History Month along with talking about the 100th day of school on Wednesday. We are also beginning our annual food drive at Kingfisher—our goal is 300 lbs. of food.  Some of the older kids are making posters to give information. Winds—please sign the permission slip in the lobby today for the puppet show tomorrow.

 Tuesday—February 4th—The Winds go to a Puppet Show—Stella Luna–and we’ll leave at 9:00. Please sign the permission slip in the lobby and pay for the tickets. Have your child wear his/her Kingfisher shirt. This is library day for the Tempests.

Wednesday—February 5th—tour day for interested families—the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!  . See note below. Every class will have some sort of 100’s activity and we’ll count to hundred in many different ways once each hour. Also, this is library day for the Winds.

100th Day Plans—the kids may wear slippers (but bring sneakers just in case); everyone in the Hurricanes should have an equation that totals out to 100 that they can present to the school at circle time. Everyone in the Tempests is bringing 100 objects (even sticks or matches) divided into baggies evenly to demonstrate a division problem. I’m bringing 100 acorns divided into 4 baggies. Then, the Wind Classes are going to do numerous projects around 100—eating 100 pretzels or chips; reading for 100 minutes total throughout the day; maybe building with 100 Legos, etc. etc. This is a fun day and lots of interest in ways to work with the number 100.

Thursday—February 6th—Piano Lessons today at 10:30.  Art projects set up for Valentine’s Day in the afternoon.

Friday—February 7th—Hot Lunch/Library for the Hurricanes/Tennis starts back up if the weather is dry. Spanish is today.

Note that the science fair is slated for the last week in February.

 Hot Lunch: Hot Dogs and Beans, Coleslaw, Peaches $4/plate