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(Last Week Before Spring BREAK!!)

A few items of note: Science Fair begins Wednesday and all projects need to come in that day. There will be space to display it all and we cannot wait to see what the kids have done. The best two go to the library to display to the public!  Also, thanks a million times goes out to the team of egg scatterers from Friday’s egg hunt. That was a perfect day, capped off for the Oaks by a well-organized crafty birthday party for Lolade. What a wonderful day!  Remember to take everything out of the lockers on Thursday so we can spray over the break. Friday ends at 1:00 as many will be attending church services that afternoon or hopping on the roads for trips. Spring Break lasts a whole week and we  are all gearing up for the last section of the year. All of this week we are working on bird nesting material projects in class—these can be hung up in trees at your houses to  watch and see if birds choose to use the yarn in their nests.

Monday—a normal day with at least 15 to 30 minutes outside so we can get some exercise

Tuesday—All of the Palms and Andy and Eliot go to the DeKalb Library together and check out a chapter book to read over the break. They will have a book report due the following week.

Wednesday—Tour Day for the School.  All Science Fair Projects are Due today!! They will be set up in the hall on display with name tags so everyone can wander through them. The presentation of the first ten will be Wednesday afternoon.  Dramakids happens at 4:00. No bus today.

Thursday—Everyone will be finishing up their bird nest project in class so they can take them home. Also, all spare clothing, extra coats, water bottles, etc. go home today so we can spray for bugs over the break. Spanish happens today in the morning.

Friday—hot lunch is lasagna with a tossed green salad. Then, we depart at 1:00. No bus today.