Door Letter  Door Letter   Door Letter

October 1 to 5

Many of you have gotten a statement in your mailbox from September. If nothing has come to us from FACTS, yet, don’t worry. Some people will not begin having their accounts debited until October. Some people will be receiving some money from DOE and that will come mid-October, so don’t worry—we’re keeping up with it.

On the bulletin board in the lobby, we are posting items that we need: boxes of tissue, pencil erasers that fit onto the pencils, etc. Please take note of these and if you see something when you are doing your grocery shopping, please think of us. Also, check to be sure your Kroger card is lined up with Kingfisher so we can get donations from Kroger. It doesn’t affect your price and is simply a straight-forward way for Kroger to gain loyal customers. If you don’t shop Kroger, but you do shop Publix, use our card when you shop so we can get a couple cents from each purchase. These monies go toward supplies and field trips.

Monday—a busy start to the week—decorating pumpkins with Ms. Hughes for the breezeway and Spanish classes will take up much of the morning.

Tuesday—Tuesday we will have some mores after lunch in honor of chocolate and in honor of the changing season. The Foxes will go to tennis to test out their rackets—no coach this time, just seeing what their level of skill is.

Wednesday—Foxes go to the library this morning.  Dance class at 1:00 in the gym if your child is registered.

Thursday—Los Gatos go to the library today. 10’s and older go to their first tennis class this afternoon at 1:00.  If the foxes finish the Rats of Nimh today, they’ll have the movie to watch in the afternoon. If not, it will be next week.

Friday—Hot Lunch will be meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. Tigers go to the library today.  Gym time for the Foxes and Los Gatos today is at 1:00. Today there is a limited bus route. We have a secret surprise at morning drop-off today.

If some on you have parents or grandparents contributing to your tuition payments, talk to me about trying to send money to our scholarship manager—GASSO. Those who donate through GASSO get a dollar for dollar tax credit with the state of Georgia.

We are waiting to see if next Friday (October 12th) will be cool enough in temperature to run bike day. We want it to be cooler than last year (92 degrees) since we also do a cook out and there’s not much shade out there!

We already have some tours going on for next year!! Remember, if you suggest to a friend to check us out and they register, you get $25 off your next tuition or a month of free lunches for your child. This month, Sienna’s family has a month of free lunches!