Door Letter Door Letter Door Letter

Week #16 December 9-13

A fun week is planned with some Christmas tree purchasing and setting up for the cookie and latke events. Remember tomorrow night (Tuesday) is Kingfisher Night at School Box and since it’s a fundraiser for us, please come and see if you can get a deal on presents for your kiddoes.

Monday—Today we have dance class at 1:00. The little guys (Wind Shears) will go buy a tree, probably at Kroger. This year we are going small, as the trees are kind of pricey right now, but the decorating will make it wonderful.

Tuesday—The Tempests go to the library in the morning today and the Hurricanes will be working on art projects this afternoon.  This is School Box Night and if you shop at School Box for presents or art supplies, we get 15% of the take. Afterward, we’ll eat at Jason’s Deli.

Wednesday—The Winds go to the library and we begin making decorations for the holidays today—lots of glitter and lots of glue! Also, we’ll be baking cookies off and on all day in the community room.

Thursday—We have piano lessons at 10:30.  The Girls of Kingfisher are going to see Madeline at Horizon Theatre in Little Five Points. We will leave around 9:15 and moms are invited to come, too.

Friday—A busy day with Library for Hurricanes, Hot Lunch, Spanish, and Tennis. Hot Lunch will be chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, bananas. Kids will be delivering cookies today to the fire department and the police department and to the city hall. Each class delivers a tray of cookies, along with a holiday card, thanking them for what they do for us.

December 10th from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. we are invited to shop at Schoolbox in Nnrthlake and they will donate 15% of sales back to the school!! A great time to buy holiday gifts and school supplies and the school will benefit! Tell your friends and neighbors and your extended family. This will be great for us.

I’m thinking that afterward, we can all eat at Jason’s next door just for fun. They have a great Reuben sandwich and soup and we can talk about plans for the January school celebration at the same time. We have been open and teaching and learning for 20 years and that’s a long time for any small business or small school in metro Atlanta. We need to celebrate!