Week #3—September 4 to 7           

This is a short week, but we have much to do and we’ll work to get everything in. Afterschool parents, check your mailboxes for the August bills. Things are back to normal for the bus and we are back to leaving a bit later, so your children will get home between 3:30 and 4:00 again. No bus on Fridays, as usual. Hope everyone had a wonderful three-day weekend, as sadly, our next long time off won’t be till Thanksgiving. Hopefully, everyone has received at least one Friday of the “communicator” folder—in it will be things to stay at home and things to send back. Please make sure it comes back every Monday.

Tuesday—We’ll be getting back into the routine today and we’ll probably arrange for outside earlier in the day—please send bug repellant—we are almost out of it.  

Wednesday—Los Gatos will go to the Northlake Library this morning to pick out some library books—please send library cards if you have them and put the pin number on the back of them.

ThursdayThe Tigers will climb Stone Mountain this morning with Miss Sherry, so send them in cool clothing and sneakers. For once, they can wear hats! PTO is tonight and the agenda is Q&A—I want to talk a bit about organizing your child for the new year and then we’ll talk about all the questions that have arisen over the first few weeks. PTO starts at 6:00 and goes for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Friday— Hot Lunch today will be lasagna, tossed salad and Italian bread. $4/plate. This morning, the Tigers and the Foxes will go to play around in the creek in Clarkston, so make sure they have their boots!  In the afternoon the Tigers go to the library.


We are posting the door letter on the web, as well, if you lose the e-mail. Our website is

Most people are set up on FACTS by now, by those of you who want to do something different, you could send the money in via CASHAP—the school user name is $debbiegathmann6951.