Door Letter for Week #8

This week will be a little less exciting than last. We’re all getting ready for the end of the grading period and the kids are getting antsy to see how their teachers think they are doing. One of the Hurricanes mentions this to me six times a week . . . The Explorer Day Projects moved along quickly and everyone came in today (in the Tempests and the Hurricanes) ready to show off their stuff. We came up with Explorer Day to take care of Columbus Day and even though he’s not politically correct (he DID NOT discover America, it was already discovered) he was a pretty brave explorer and it’s pretty interesting to think about the explorers in the old days–no internet to look up directions. We’ll do a Fire Station trip this week along with the usual trips to the library.

Monday–Dance Class at 1:00. Explorer posters presented to the two classes.

Tuesday–Tempests have library.

Wednesday–Younger classes have library and we all have cider with Silent Reading today (Debbie finally found a way to heat things up without the microwave). Our Accreditation Consultant comes to visit today as well.

Thursday–Piano Lessons at 10:30 a.m. Fire Station Trip to see the Trucks and Fire Fighters at the station for Whirlwinds and Wind Shears.

Friday–Hot Lunch, Library for the Hurricanes and our First Tennis Class!

Tennis resumes this week (now that we’re in the 70’s and 80’s instead of the 90’s) and the cost has gone up a bit–$8/class instead of $7. Kids can bring their own rackets and should wear sneakers. The class is limited to 10 kids–all of the Hurricanes are signed up and we can take 4 of the Tempests, if anyone is interested in there.

Hot Lunch:

Shepherd Pie

(Mashed Potatoes Layered w/ cheese, Green Beans and Ground Beef in a sauce)


Dinner Rolls