Door Letter Door Letter Door Letter

This week will be a peaceful week with a few trips and a few more spiders. Thank you to everyone that got their tuition payment in—it’s a tight year and paying rent and teachers can be tricky if payments don’t come in. The Friday lunch was provided by Sharon Hatfield (Robert’s mother) and the kids were thrilled just to see the giant bag come in. Thank you Hatfields!

Monday—21st—Dance Class today at 1:00. An easy-going day. Everyone will be at the park for recess.

Tuesday—22nd—Tempests go to the library this morning and The Winds will visit a fire station for a few minutes this morning. The Hurricanes and four other older kids from the Tempests will go to the Atlanta History Center this morning and will probably be gone much of the day. The History Center cost is $8.

Wednesday—23rd—Library for the Whirlwinds and the Wind Shears. Hot Chocolate Day!

Thursday—24thPiano Lessons at 10:30.

Friday—25thHot Lunch Day, Library and Tennis for the Hurricanes.  This the last day of the grading period and a new quarter begins on Monday.

Halloween is a fun time at school. Kids can dress up and we walk down and eat at Los Colinas. Today I’ll start taking orders from the kids so I can turn it in to them early. An information sheet all about this will go out today, so you know what to expect.

Hot Lunch: Shepherd Pie, Corn, Dinner Rolls