Week #21—January 23 to 27

This is the first week of the new grading period. The Owls will continue with their pioneer studies and the Falcons are reviewing grammar and doing persuasive speaking. The Hummingbirds have begun working on the Dolch word list and have been doing a bit of color-mixing with the paint. Everyone has a book for silent reading and there is Spanish work due tomorrow. We have been invited to 4-H meetings on Tuesday afternoons at  Tucker Recreation Center, so I’ll be investigating that this week. I was very pleased with the biography reports last week—the Owls and Falcons each had a book and spent time telling the group about their person. As we do these presentations, the kids get more and more confident in talking to everyone. It’s good to see the improvements over the course of the year.

Monday—A normal day with lots of wind outside. We’ll probably go out, but we’ll watch for allergy symptoms since strong wind seems to make that worse.  Since the weather will be warm and cold this week, send a jacket daily, just in case.

Tuesday—Spanish is today so everyone needs to bring their blue folders to work with.  If it works out, some kids may come with me to the 4-H meeting at 3:00 at Tucker Rec.

Wednesday—We have drama this afternoon from 3:00 to 4:30, so pick up happens at 4:30.  Tours happen all day today, so Debbie will be busy vacuuming in between!  We are switching out the art in the halls, as well, moving away from all the holiday decorations from December (sigh).

Thursday—Catch our breath day. Games in the afternoon for the Falcons and Hummingbirds along with catching up undone work from the week.

Friday—Today, we’ll have afternoon Yoga, thanks to Alexis Muir.  We’ll also begin starting the morning with a minute of breathing to get centered for the day. The Falcons are doing persuasive speeches to one another today on topics they were given last Friday.  Hot Lunch will be Salisbury Steak, New Potatoes, Green Beans, and Mixed Fruit