Week #1—August 28 to September 1


The first week of school!  It’s so good to be “back in the saddle again”.  This week everyone will be adjusting to new schedules and new faces so we won’t have any extracurricular classes this week. Spanish, Tennis,  and Art will start    next week. We do want to begin drama as soon as possible, so please check your mailbox or ask your student for the flyer so you can learn the details of drama. I’ll be advertising to the homeschoolers group as well on this so we can have ten to twelve actors for the play.  Hot lunch on Friday will be good old American hotdogs and beans to get this year started. Lunch is $4 and the money (after covering ingredients) goes into the fund to pay for teachers’ supplies in the classroom.  This is usually our only fundraiser.  Please send in your insurance checks–$25 per child as I have to get our accident policy going this week. Also, kids in DeKalb and Gwinnett need a library card with the pin written on it so they can use it. Everyone has a mailbox in the playroom, so you can have your child check from time to time to see what’s in there. From 2:45 to 3:15, everyone has reading time and if the older kids want to bring a book that they are reading at home, that’s fine.


MondayToday everyone gets into their classrooms and spends time getting to know new faces and new routines. Some of the younger kids are having their first taste of classroom life, so this week will be calm and serene. We will go outside from 11:45 to 1:00 for recess today and everyone may need to bring insect repellant. We have some, but it’s a good idea to send a small bottle for your child’s use. 

Tuesday—We will begin library trips to Tucker library today for the kids with library cards. Shad will be taking them.

Wednesday—Tennis begins today at 1:30 and it takes place at Georgia State University in Clarkston. If your child has a racket, send it, but Coach Kyle has rackets to share. This is $7/week and is for kids 8 and up.

Thursday—Kids with Gwinnett County Library cards will go today and Debbie will take them to the Lilburn Branch.

Friday—Hot lunch is today from 12:00 to 12:30. We’ll have hot dogs, baked beans, and carrot sticks.

Feel free to ask any questions you need to ask. Every schedule detail will be ironed out in the fullness of time.

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