Week #15

As the winter holidays begin to drift closer, we’ll be doing some activities to remind ourselves about the many different traditions of people in America and learning where these traditions came from—some from Africa, some from Germany, some from the Nordic cultures. We have a couple of trips planned for this week.  We’ll also be delivering cookies to some of our community friends this week. There will be a visitor at school on Wednesday and we will be setting up a Christmas tree on Thursday. Also, we are working on secret presents, all week, as well.

Monday— December 4th—Ms. Sherwood will be out today so we’ll do combination activities with the Oaks and then Miss Darby will have them in the afternoon. We are working on snowflakes so much that soon they will overtake the spiders!  We are practicing our singing and poetry at circle time each morning this week.

Tuesday—December 5th–The boys of Kingfisher (Oaks and Palms) will be climbing Stone Mountain today—they should wear good walking shoes and Kingfisher t-shirts. They will leave around 11:30 and be back around the close of school. They will be taking their lunches so they can have a picnic. There is a permission slip for this in the lobby.

Wednesday—December 6thDramakids is this afternoon at 4:00 and at 6:00. Also, this afternoon, the Willows will go get our Christmas tree from Home Depot. There will be a permission slip in the lobby for this.

Thursday—December 7thSpanish and more holiday cookies to prepare.

Friday—December 8th—Oaks will be delivering cookies to the Fire Department after hot lunch today. This is our holiday tradition—we like to thank community workers.