Busy week but happy week!

Tuesday  (Feb. 21)–Spanish is today for all the groups and the gymnastic girls leave at 4:30 for their afternoon gym class. Owls and Hummingbirds go to John’s Homestead this afternoon to look at the water biome there for half an hour.

Wednesday (Feb 22)–Tennis is at 1:30 and Drama at 3:00. Debbie has afterschool today and today we will finish up the Little Library that we are painting for Cofer Park. We are partnering with Friends of Cofer Park to on this and even once it’s up we’ll still have a bit of work to do. It will depend on where they place it. Also, today is tour day and we have a number of families set up to tour. Kroger has given us a gift card with which to purchase food for the food drive and the Falcons and Owls will go shopping this morning.

Thursday (Feb 23)–CDC field trip today for the Falcons–$2/each. We’ll leave right at 9:00 and be back by 11:00. This afternoon we’ll try the campfire cooking again (last Thursday was freezing cold and my car broke down, today will be better!).

Friday (Feb 24)–Hot Lunch Day and Owls go to Petsmart to purchase some tiny tetras for their new water biome in the morning. Hot Lunch will be meatloaf, rice, corn and lima beans, rolls.