Door Letter Door Letter Door Letter   Door Letter

Finally, a regular week with all the regular stuff going on!  The power is on. The internet is working. Kids are all here with their lunches. We were able to give out their Kingfisher Shirts this morning. We have a visitor in the Oaks classroom. Everyone is ready to be students again.  Anyone that would like to contribute pink erasers to the school supply shelf, please consider doing that. We go through erasers like ants through sugar.  Tutoring is daily from 3:30 to 4:00. Talk to Ms. Darby to see the schedule for this. Also, people who haven’t paid toward the tuition this month need to deliver a check to the office. After September, the payments need to come through FACTS

Monday—September 18th–A regular day with park time after lunch and a visitor in the Oaks class.

Tuesday—September 19th—Dekalb kids go to the library after lunch and some kids will have drama at 4:00. Oaks will be dying eggs in honor of our reading book Sam the Man with the Chicken Plan.

Wednesday—September 20th—Tennis for the over 8’s at 1:30.  First day of Rosh Hashanah—we’ll have bagels for breakfast.

Thursday—September 21st—Spanish in the morning for everyone and Gwinnett kids go to the library after lunch. In the afternoon, the Palms will be practicing hammering and sanding to begin creating primitive castles.

Friday—Subway sandwiches for lunch on Friday with tostados and apples.