Week #6—September 30 to October 4

This will be a hot week and we’ll probably try to do some active things inside, rather than outside. PTO is on Thursday evening.  We have a speaker coming from the Police Department to talk about school safety and safety in Tucker City. You will be able to ask questions and get some clarity on safety issues that everyone is talking about.  The Meeting begins at 6:00 and ends at 7:30. We do not have a babysitter for this first meeting as no one seemed to want to pay for that last year, but if it’s a problem, we’ll line someone up for the next meeting. Also, it’s time to start fall decorations, so be prepared for all the spiders coming later this week.

Monday—Dance class is 1:00 to 2:00 at the gym. Today is a regular bus route and afterschool is with Miss Fatuma. First Day of Rosh hashanah.

Tuesday—this is the Tempest’s library day. We’ll celebrate the advent of autumn in the Wind Shears by having an apple buying trip today at the DeKalb Farmer’s Market. There is a permission slip to sign. We’ll do the apple shopping in the morning. Also, today is Big Book Report Day for the Hurricanes. Miss Fatuma does afterschool.

Wednesday—Today, Miss Jannette does afterschool. Library Day for the Wind Classes and Cider during Silent Reading in the afternoon.

Thursday—Piano Lessons this morning from 10:30 to 11:15. Jannette is the afterschool teacher. PTO is this evening from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. here at the school. The Spider Invasion begins today.

Friday—Today the Hurricanes have library time and everyone has Spanish today. Debbie has afterschool today, which ends at 5:00. No bus routes today.

Parents—please send in your child’s shot records. They will be on a form 3231 and you can have your MD office e-mail them to me, if you like. I’ve gotten 3 but I need about 11 more.

Hot Lunch This Week—Cost: $4/plate

Baked Chicken

Yellow Rice