Dear Ones,

So many things to tell you. I’ll try to be brief. We are finishing up our book “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and the kids are really flying along—examining the motives of different characters and laughing at the antics of Peter’s little brother. We are really enjoying it all. I’m not sure what we’ll choose next. I’m looking at several books. Every child gets to read some of the chapter outloud and there are always questions about the plot or worksheets about the action. Then, we have begun doing simple English work from the English book, reviewing parts of speech as we go and talking about sentences and how to make written work more interesting. Lately, I’m seeing bigger words appear in sentences and I see better vocabulary coming out of their mouths all throughout the day. I’m so happy to hear them talking about the story and telling each other their predictions of what is coming next. It’s fun to teach such smarty-pants kids.

In math, we are still slogging away at place value, reviewing counting money, and beginning 2 x 2 multiplication. Each step seems to require much more practice than I expected, but it’s spring and hard to think about multiplication when the air is fresh and the kids want to run, run, run. Some of the kids are doing some math homework two or three times a week and although they may finish it in afterschool, I still want them to take it home to show you so you know what the processes are. Remind your kids of the math—ask them what time it is/ask them if $5 will cover something you are buying/remind them that if 20 carrots will feed a large family meal, how many carrots would each person get if there are 10 people eating/etc. etc. etc. They all need practice so math makes sense to them.

On Friday, we have a bird egg hunt for the whole school over at Milam Park and we’ll be ordering pizza from Marcos at the usual $2.50/slice. We’ll be at the park from 11:00 to about 1:30 or so and then the Oaks will be coming back for a crafty birthday party for Lolade!  We are lucky to have so many fun things on one day!

We are learning a lot of new songs, lately, and I’ve been surprised at how good the Oaks are at learning the words. Some of them only have to sing it once or twice to know it. You will love the awards ceremony at the end of the year—the Oaks will be rock stars when it comes to singing.

Don’t forget that the science fair is March 29th and we leave early on Good Friday at 1:00 and then have the following week off for spring break. I’m trying to find a fun trip for that last day before spring break, but if it’s warm enough, maybe we’ll just go creekin’. We have a boom box, now, so your kids can bring cd’s if they want to dance in the afternoon. Nothing too adult, but pop music is okay.

Wait till you read the newsletter for the spring. Your kids have a large part in that this time.

Have a wonderful week.