Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been crazy! I hope everyone who was effected by Hurricane Irma has finally gotten their power back, and are back on track to having things be normal at their houses. We spent some time this week talking about the different ways the Hurricane effected all of our friends and learned just how brave everyone is.

We have all had quite the interesting week in the Willow’s classroom. The kids were challenged a bit by the work, but they persevered as they always do. We did not get to plant our seeds this week, but we intend to that soon. As you may have noticed, the kids received homework last night. I plan on giving homework on Thursday nights, and as we get deeper in the year it will get a lot more personalized and difficult depending on what your child is capable of doing. I have high hopes, considering everyone has gotten passing grades in our class so far. Also, we got the chance to celebrate Eliot’s 7th birthday today! How exciting!

According to our calendar we have a PTO meeting next Tuesday at 6:00pm. You should be hearing more about that from Debbie soon. If you do ever want to schedule an appointment with me to discuss your child and their progress, feel free to email me or send a note with your child and we can meet.

-Mrs. Cox