This week is a “get in the groove” kind of week. We are beginning our reading of Sam the Man and the Chicken Plan and I think everyone will get a kick out it–it’s super funny. We’ll be reading about ten pages (as a group) each day. We’ll start keeping a composition book on English rules and English assignments. We’ll also do some writing everyday to remind ourselves about sentence rules.  We are also figuring out where we stand math-wise, so there will be a worksheet each day to review addition and/or subtraction–first with one-digit, then two without re-grouping, then with re-grouping. The goal here is to remind everyone what steps it takes to add or subtract. Also, I’m hoping to remind them that these numbers actually stand for something–if you have two hats and want to buy three more–how many hat hooks will you need to hang each one on its own hook. Arithmetic is an every day experience, not just a school task. Spanish and Tennis begin next week and you’ll get more info on that toward Friday the first of September. Remember, we have Labor Day off.