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Wonderful progress with all the Los Gatos. The Los Gatos class also welcomed back our Science teacher Ms. Jackie this week. Welcome back Ms. Jackie! During Ms. Jackie’s absence, Ms. Yasliz was a wonderful substitute teacher and the students learned a lot about Science through Art! The students studied the digestive and respiratory systems of the body and created their own diagrams. They also created their own art pieces naming all the parts of a flower, and the life cycle of a butterfly or mariposa! The students really enjoyed learning with Miss Yas.

In Math, I have had the students working more and more on their place value and using arrays as a representation for place value. The students have really liked this visual tool to assist them with place value. Using arrays on the board-in other words allowing the students to compute before their peers-has really made it even more enjoyable for them. I have watched their Math confidence rise as we were able to move as a class to the thousandths place. Los Gatos started working on their Multiplication tables this week.

LA continues to be exciting for Los Gatos as I am seeing more and more improvement in Reading and Writing. The class really enjoys getting their new library book every week and students are not turning in their library books until they have finished reading them! I really like these diligent Los Gatos readers!! Spelling words go out every Monday and we test every Friday. We will start having more regular Math tests soon as well.

Los Gatos are loving the weekly Dance and Tennis lessons, their Spanish lessons and all of the wonderful Art projects that happen at Kingfisher on a regular basis. There was Pumpkin decorating recently and soon we will be making creative Spiders. Poetry cafe is happening every month and Los Gatos have already picked and nearly memorized their poems for this week. We had S’More roasting one day as well. I look forward to all of the other Fall seasonal activities coming up! Bike Day happens this Friday! Please bring your helmets. And feel free to come and show off your own biking skills!