Hello everyone and happy Friday! We have just 3 days until the school year starts!  For the first week there will be lots of get-to- know-you activities so that my students will get to know me and vice versa.  I want all my students to feel welcomed and comfortable in my classroom. We will also be discussing about the rules of the classroom and what is expected of  my students.  In addition , I will be asking my students questions on what they believe is considered a good teacher so that i will get a better idea on how I can fulfill my duties as their teacher. After the first week we will begin to dive into the lesson. For the first lesson plan , I will  do a variety of teaching methods  to ensure that my students understand the material to its entirety.

Since we are starting off with Native Americans I will be teaching the students about 8 different native american tribes and important individuals in native american history. Although , I could probably do a whole year’s worth of native american history I am going to only spend about 3 weeks on this unit.  We will have a total of 3 projects during this lesson.After this unit is completed I will begin my lessons on European explorations!  Welcome back Mighty Oaks!

Ms. Darby