This week we have a new staff person working with the Hummingbirds, Ms. Amy Parsons.  Amy started out subbing in this classroom in the absence of Miss Kris and she’s now an integral part of the class—working 4 mornings a week and doing all sorts of art and discovering all the talents of the class. Below is her letter to you:

Dear Hummingbirds Parents,

I have really just been focusing this week on getting comfortable with them, and vice versa, as well as really trying to see where they are, cognitively, socially, and academically.  I am a believer in a healthy amount of self-guided learning, and have been trying to go with their flow this week.  However, I am definitely feeling like I will have to tighten the reigns in, if I am to accomplish anything academically with them.  Based on what I have seen this week, I am going to create a schedule (albeit it loose, even) to help create some consistency within the classroom, and help guide our days and expectations.

On another note, Adonis actually really surprised me today, as we were outside playing “Alphabet Simon Says” with the sidewalk paints.  He seemed to be the most competent with upper and lower case letters.  And he was reeeeally really in to it.  He painted letters longer than anyone in the group.  And it was the most concentration I have seen him give to anything so far!  So I may explore some other painting opportunities with him.

The others were not as interested in painting letters but they were eager to have free time with the paints.  Not surprisingly, since they were really enjoying painting acorns.

I introduced the idea of the Math workbooks today, and they all seemed interested in seeing what was in them.  So I am going to start exploring with those, next week.

I also bought them all journals this evening, and am excited to introduce a daily journaling time with them each day.  I will have a question for each day, and they can respond to it with pictures or words, as they see fit.  The hope is mainly to get them interested in writing (or drawing if need be). This is a fun group and while it’s a small number of kids, we still stay very busy all day long!

Looking forward to meeting everyone,

Amy Parsons

Note from Debbie: Notice that there is a purple form in the lobby for the field trip we are taking next week to Dunwoody Nature Center. The cost is $6 and this will really be an interesting trip as they are going to teach us  all about the science of studying plants.  Also, look for a letter about bicycle day next Friday and PTO on Tuesday.