Week #29

This will be a quieter week than last week was—we begin parent-teacher conferences now to get ready for next year’s placement, so begin looking at your schedules to see what day and time will work best for your schedules. Also, get your enrollment commitment sheets back in so I can begin setting up classes. March is such a long month and with so much changing weather—send a sweater or jacket every day or send one to leave here. Several times we’ve wanted to go out, but found a couple kids didn’t have a coat and it was 40 degrees out. Also, make sure that your student’s lunch is big enough to get them through the day. Some kids have been bringing very small lunches and then they are hungry and cross in the afternoon. You can do the formula lunch—a piece of fruit, a sandwich, something crunchy, and a drink. That’s easy and most kids can make that by themselves. A pretty serious stomach flu is going around—the downstairs gang had several teachers out with it and Miss Fatuma was very sick with it. Get  plenty of sleep!

Monday—swimming in the morning for Hummingbirds. Park lunch today at Henderson.

Tuesday– Spanish today and Library Day for the Falcons. We are going to Clarkston library to see our science fair projects on display.

Wednesday—Drama will be at 3:00 today and over at 4:30. Tennis at 1:30 for the tennis players.

Thursday—Catch up day for the Owls, along with some science in the afternoon with water—maybe at the creek. Falcons might go bowling this afternoon. I’ll get the cost today.

Friday—Hot Lunch today will be chicken pot pie from Matthews. That has been the most popular lunch this year.

Our theme from the last two months was “We’re All on the Same Team”—taking about teamwork, teasing, and being a good friend. The next few weeks the theme will be a manners theme. Kingfisher kids often forget to say, please and thank you, and often can be downright rude to teachers and other grownups. The next few weeks, we’ll be encouraging Good Morning and Have a Great Night along with “Please may I have some salt?” or “No, thank you.” In place of “I hate that stuff” or “I need seconds!”  Families can help by giving kids practice. Having good manners greases the skids for us. If we are friendly and polite, we get to do a lot of things that other schools don’t get to do.