The Oaks are moving rapidly this year–we’ve finished reading Sam the Man and the Chicken Plan. We are beginning a more advanced book: Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary and although the writing is a bit harder, it is funny and everyone is enjoying it. In reading, we are moving away from sounding things out for most kids and are examining “what makes sense?” in that sentence. Phonics haven’t disappeared, but it is time for us to move into reading to learn. We are also delving into place value in a deeper fashion–beginning to understand why the processes we are using to do re-grouping and eventually multiplication work–you have to borrow a ten to subtract, sometimes. In Science, we are moving into a bird unit theme with specific science objectives and are finishing up a social studies theme on early Native Americans. We begin thinking about cursive handwriting this month, along with doing some keyboarding. We want writing to stay fun, so, learning new techniques keep things fresh. The Oaks have a book report due on Monday, the 9th and they have a form to fill out to help them order their thoughts. This month is also full of fun–bike day on the 13th and the Halloween parade on the 31st. October is always a full and exciting month at Kingfisher.