Awareness & Involvement:

The owls will be aware of their decisions, progress, capabilities and expectations in/out of the classroom. The owls will be involved in setting guidelines for behavior (class rules), rubrics/expectations for completed assignments, peer support, and maintaining a classroom climate that brings out the best in each student.

Daily behavior folders

The Owls will bring home a behavior folder every day. We start each day with 5 stars!! Students can keep their 5 stars by following directions and maintaining a kind, aware, and involved attitude in class. If an owl keeps 5 stars every day until Friday, they will have a chance to get a treasure from the treasure box (at the end of the day).

Morning Work

Students will begin each day with a brain-activator. This may include a page from an activity book, a writing assignment, observation/exploration activity, etc…

Monday Homework Menus

A “homework menu” will be sent home in the daily folder every Monday. This will include choices for students to complete and turn in by Friday. For example: students will choose a writing assignment, math exercise, and a fun enrichment activity to complete and turn in by Friday. Students are encouraged to read every evening for at least 10-15 minutes (hunting owl), & 20-25 minutes (wise owl). Students will keep a log of the books they have read and how much time they spent reading.

Building Literacy Skills

The main focus of our reading/writing workshops during class time will be to improve comprehension and fluency.
*Daily Read-aloud (read by wise & hunting owls) *Books to strengthen listening skills (read by teacher) *Daily written reflections *Daily reading groups (meet with teacher) *Vocabulary/word work* Partner reading/writing activities.

Science Explorations/Observations

Nature-based observations and explorations that focus on plants in the classroom & outside. Keep observations/explorations in notebook. (drawings, samples, writing, nature, etc.) Edible Garden in the classroom. (I have an entire activity booklet that will be completed by each student over time.) Eventually move on to animals.

Social Studies

Begin with historical figures (focusing on positive character traits and contributions). Move into geographical features of Georgia. (Wise owls will revisit state capitals. Hunting owls will begin to learn about the states in our country.)

Math Centers/Activity Baskets

There are very different skill levels in this classroom. Math Centers/activity baskets will include manipulatives to help increase Hunting Owls’ math skills, while the Wise Owls will work in a small group with me (Guided Math) from textbook and worksheets. We will complete 1-2 activity/center rotations each class period (when possible). The activity baskets will be switched every week according to students’ progress.

“Thinking Owl” Activity kits

“Activity kit” for each owl with ongoing projects that will require concentration to finish. They can finish these during “down time” or “Thinking Owl” time. The activity kit will include things like a little reading/writing comprehension assignment, a math activity, some artistic activities like an embroidery hoop with thread/needle, weaving loom with yarn, sketchpad/pencils, mandala coloring sheet, etc.… These activities will challenge their fine-motor skills while promoting creative thinking and problem solving skills. I will change the activities every week or 2, unless a student is really dedicated to finishing a project over time. By having these activity kits available, students will stay engaged while having fun and using their brains. They will be “Thinking Owls”!