Full Day Tuition for parents enrolling for 2017-2018 will be $8500/year for one student.

This inclusive tuition provides foreign language and most permanent and reusable supplies. It also includes most local field trips. Sometimes kids will sign up for extracurriculars during the day (like tennis or art classes) and then there may be a cost to the family—sometimes the school splits the cost.

Typically, parents pay $600 down to hold their child’s enrollment spot.

Plan A

Payment in full of yearly tuition by September 1st earns the family a discount of $100.

Plan B

Parents pay in three payments on September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st.

Plan C

9 or 10 equal payments through FACTS, our tuition collection company. Or you can put down more money in the beginning to make the payments lower. FACTS charges $45 a year for this service and the payments are made electronically. Sign up for FACTS on-line.


Other than the down payment, we cannot accept any payments in the office beyond Plan A or Plan B listed above, due to our contract with FACTS.  This gives us a predictable budget to work with and parents seem to love the convenience of not having to remember to pay.

Note: If a child is withdrawn at some point after the second month of the school year, there is a 30-day cost—generally a payment will be due for the following 30 days to cover costs to the school.


We are mindful that most families make sacrifices to pay the tuition for their children’s education and we are willing to offer flexibility in payment plans. Sometimes we get some scholarship monies from various agencies and we’ll make families aware of this sort of help as soon as it’s available.



Second child discount of 10% for families with two children in our school.

Police officers and military families get a 5% discount as a thank you for the services you perform for us.

*Discounts cannot be combined.