Americans are excited by the first chance for a total eclipse in over 35 years and us, young Americans at Kingfisher, are very happy to have this chance to see celestial bodies in action. If you are interested in going somewhere to see the eclipse, Fernbank Science Center is offering the chance to see it through the big telescope projectors. The libraries are giving away special glasses to view the eclipse and so are some of the recreation centers. NO ONE SHOULD TRY TO LOOK AT IT THROUGH SUNGLASSES–THEY DON’T FILTER OUT THE RIGHT LIGHT. Some lucky Kingfisher families are going to Tennessee to see it and Miss Debbie is going to South Carolina to see it. This might be the last  total eclipse that goes across the U.S. for a long time–maybe as much as 99 years till the next one. The last time there was a partial eclipse in Atlanta, you could see it by laying down pieces of paper and watching it on those. Enjoy yourself. There will be YouTube videos to watch.