Hi. After a wonderful first day, I realized that I needed to let everyone know the themes for September in Math and Science. In Math, we will be working for several weeks on geometry–reviewing what we know, learning the terminology, measuring angles, working with perimeter and area, etc. Along with that , we will review what we already know–fractions, division, multiplication, decimals, etc. Math is about 5 hours a week, but some weeks will run over that. Kids in different grades will be reviewing processes out of their grade-level math book, but geometry comes from a different book that we will all use.

Science will be all about forestry and trees. This is a fun and action-packed theme that is totally relevant to the news we are hearing both from Brazil and from the Okeefenokee Swamps. At some point we’ll visit Trees Atlanta and the Forestry Service to hear about what is happening locally and through out our state. There will be objectives coming out this week along with a list of activities. Some research on this theme could be homework for next week.