Science Fair Project for Willows and Red Oaks

Everyone will need a display flat (available at the Dollar King for $1 right now)

On the flat, there will be sections labeled:

  • · Question I am exploring
  • · Experiment to Test My Idea
  • · Results of my Testing

We will go to the library and check out a book on your interest so you can think about an experiment that might be interesting.

You will write a page about the project—telling what you did and what books and resources you used for the idea. Also, have a paragraph on what happened. Try to describe your experiment clearly enough that anyone could try to do the same thing you did.

Taking pictures of the experiment and the steps leading to it will make your display interesting.

Make your flat colorful and readable.

We display the science fair projects for a week and sometimes, the library will allow the winners to be displayed, as well. Photos are taken and we celebrate with Pizza or Ice Cream, etc. This is a fun and challenging event. Everyone should start TODAY thinking about your project. The Question you want to Explore is due in the office by February 13th.