Science Objectives for the Owls—the Scientific Method

Why are we learning this?  Last year, some of the students had a unit on the scientific method of investigating various theories in science.  Many of the kids understood the steps, and could tell them to the teacher, but had a very hard time putting them into practice. With the future goal of a science fair, we want to start the year with some simple scientific principles that will help tremendously as we move forward in science this year. We want to emphasize how many ways the scientific method could help in solving many problems outside the field of science. Thinking logically and working through the steps can become a problem-solving method that will serve everyone well.


What are the objectives?

**The student will be able to demonstrate the scientific steps to testing out a simple theory.

**The student will be able to identify the steps and how they were used in simple articles that we read in the class together.

**The student will be able to define the terms used in the scientific steps and will be able to use those words in a sentence either in written form or verbal.

**After watching a couple of simple experiments, the students will be able to say what the experimenter was trying to find out.

**The students work in groups to create an experiment that shows the steps and present to the class.


What activities go with the objectives and point values are assigned to each part?

  1. Everyone will create a poster that illustrates a simple hypothesis and works through the steps—mostly created in class—this could be like a mind map with the steps numbered—(25 pts. Possible)
  2. Everyone will read 5 science articles and fill out an short form on each. (5 pts. Each)
  3. The students will create individual flashcards with the science terms on the front and the definitions on the back to work toward an entire card file of vocabulary terms that will be useful all year. (3 pts. Per card)
  4. We will do five experiments in class in small groups and then will practice writing down procedures and steps together and eventually individually. (Each experiment worth 5 points)
  5. Everyone will come up with an idea that needs investigating—it could be in any area of science and a short plan will be written up and illustrated to present to the class. These ideas will go into the class journal for future activities!


Grading system—You will receive a paragraph on what we are doing each week, along with a sentence or two about your child’s participation and performance during science. Kids that are 8 and up will receive a grade along with this and will have a point system to work on.