These Foxes are brilliant and have amazing imaginations.

We have been learning our Spelling and Vocabulary lessons weekly. Often these words tie into our Reading, Social Studies / History, or Science lessons helping the word to be more than just a random word to learn. We are moving well through the Math lessons but this is the area that all kids should keep up on. No forgetting over the weekend. In math, the goal is to grasp place value up to ten thousand and fractions to decimals (using money as an example).

I have seen the class come along way with specific class skills such as organization, politeness, time management, and understanding that our class is a team. Emphasis on the Orange Folders being returned and being ready with all supplies needed for whatever class activity is next, Art, Science, or whatever has become very important.

Several Outings and special events have proven very educational and fun for these Foxes. I think going to the Creek was a highlight. We have two new, little beasties to observe for science– Hermit Crabs, affectionately known as Chaos and Diamond. Yes, the kids named them. Fancy art projects including pumpkin decorating happened today on the breezeway. Other art projects and trips to the library round out our weekly activities.

Looking forward to a spooky and educational October.

A. Love