for Week #33

I cannot believe that we are already in May. I am trying to savor these last few weeks—we have lots of activities and projects and watching the children reason through problems and work on assignments is always really interesting. They’ve come so far this year and everyone is already looking toward the summer. Some kids have signed up for summer camps away from Kingfisher and some have signed up for drama camp here. Senora Fretwell is planning on a Spanish camp class, as well, and here’s her e-mail for more info: Since this week is FIELD DAY week, much of the focus will be on building the teams. I’ll be purchasing the things we need for Friday but I need the following items: paper plates (not plastic or Styrofoam) and Dixie cups. Everyone loves field day and it’s always a blast—hot and sticky sometimes and sometimes rainy, but usually it all works out for a good time for everyone. Remember, it’s a potluck, so bring a dish that will feed 5. Buckets of chicken or sandwich trays are always popular. The Tubbs potato salad was a hit at Thanksgiving. Deviled Eggs are also eaten up. Fruit trays are easy and not too expensive. Everyone eats, including parents, and all leftovers go home with the person that brought the food. We have to pack out  the trash, so I’ll have heavy-duty trash bags.

Monday—A regular day with no extra-curriculars—we’ll spend time today figuring out what we need to purchase for the field day stations—we saved most everything from last year, but there will be a few items that we’ll need to make the stations work well. Also, the kids eat in teams all this week. We’re continuing the ITBS testing, as well. Today, the bus will run a bit late as I have a doctor appointment at 3:00, but it’s a quicky, so we’ll probably leave on the bus at 3:45.

Tuesday—Today we hope to finish the ITBS testing  and the kids will  go outside today to Milam Park, so we’ll bring our boots for creekin’. The Science fair projects are my office  to view and some of them will accompany me to the Tucker Day Festival, which is May 12th.   No library trip today.

Wednesday—Tour Day for the school. Free choice painting for the Water Oaks this morning—they are painting a cover for the book we are reading: Because of Winn-Dixie.

Thursday—The Willows and the Palms are going to Fernbank Science Center at noon with Senora Fretwell and Sherry and Ashwaq to talk about the animals en Espaniol. They’ll leave around 11:45 and be back before the end of school.

Friday—FIELD DAY—we’ll head over to Henderson around 10:00 and the events will start around 10:45. Everyone should wear their Kingfisher shirts and sneakers—low-tops, please—for fast running. Since Field Day is a potluck, everyone eats and we’ll head back here around 2:00. Parents can take their kids home from the park, if they want to.