Today the Owls and the Hummingbirds went together to check out a couple of gardens in Tucker for science. The goal was to see what the “changing of the season” looks like in a garden. The first one was covered with butterfly bushes and butterflies along with a few okra pods, some really long string beans, a few peppers and some dramatically dead tomato plants. We wandered around and found some really big sunflowers that had already been picked clean of seeds by the birds. Then, we went over to the butterfly garden in front of Tucker Recreation and surprise!  There were gardeners there that showed the kids all sorts of swallow-tail butterfly caterpillars and even a bunch of chrysalis hanging on the fence and the building. We saw fritallary casings and tons of monarchs and swallowtail butterflies. It was really interesting that the caterpillars were yellow and black-striped, like the butterflies and they even suggested that we take one.  It was a science miracle–I’ve never seen so many fat, happy caterpillars and to find the casings, as well! What can I say–we are a lucky people!