Hi Owl parents!

This week was very busy and full of lots of new and fun classroom experiences! We spent our first day composing our own classroom rules. We talked about what makes a good student and what makes a good teacher and how we can be our very best selves!

We are 2 special kind of owls: The Hunting Owls and The Wise Owls!

Each owl has an activity box. This is full of everything to keep our owl brains active and promote creative thinking. In each box you will find math problems, puzzle workbooks, therapeutic coloring sheets, word flashcards, writing activities, and next week we will be learning how to embroider letters on mini embroidery hoops. We love our activity boxes!!

We have discussed the possibility of having a classroom herb garden and what kinds of herbs everyone wants to grow and taste. We decided to have 6 herbs: Lavender, oregano, mint, thyme, basil, and lemon balm. I will be bringing these in to start our garden next week.

The Owls room has a Reading Corner where the Hunting Owls work on literacy skills with Ms. Brigit daily, while the Wise Owls improve their sentence structure and parts of speech knowledge.

We break into math groups everyday. The Hunting Owls work with math manipulates to improve addition/subtraction and “number sense” skills, while the Wise Owls are polishing up their multiplication and division skills.

During Social Studies, we have spent a lot of time talking about what makes us “good citizens” and good neighbors. Everyone has a “Good Citizen” project hanging in the hallway!

During lunch and “downtime” Ms. Brigit started reading the book “Snake Camp” to the class….we are excited to see what this is all about!