Week #21

Finally, a normal week that starts with a bang!  I had a car accident Monday morning and that took up all my psychic energy at the beginning of the day, so I’ll start this door letter with some scheduling thoughts. We will not be out for President’s Day to make up for the missed day from last week. Then, because we haven’t really had a full week of school since early December, we need to make up for lost time by starting school fifteen minutes earlier. We’ll begin morning meeting at 8:30 for a while and the kids will go to classes at 8:45, rather than 9:00. This will give us ¾ of an hour more each week and we expect to get back on track soon with report cards and moving ahead in math, etc. Many of the trips and plans we made for last week and this week are overshadowed by missing some school days, so we’ll be spreading those plans out over the next few weeks.

Tuesday—The DeKalb kids will go to the library today. Everyone will be practicing their poems a couple times today for poetry and popcorn on Monday the 29th.

Wednesday—We are beginning work on a very long Valentine’s Day mural today—this will include painting, collage, drawing, lettering and we will work on it a bit several times before February 14th rolls around. All classes will participate and we’re hoping for an arty decoration that we can use more than once. Also, the Gwinnett kids will go to the library today.

Thursday—The temperature for today is supposed to be 55, so I’d like to take the Palms and Oaks over to Medlock Park to hike around near the river.  There are good trails there (with a beautiful wooden boardwalk) and we thought it would be fun to get some exercise in a new place. We’ll do that after lunch and we’ll be back before silent reading at 3:00. We will have Spanish in the morning, as usual.

Friday—Hot Lunch today (menu tomorrow). We’ll have a mid-year math evaluation test today with the Palms and Oaks to see where everyone is on the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We’ll do a similar evaluation with the Willows on Monday to go over the math operations appropriate for kindergarten and first grade.   We will also get a writing sample from the entire school to put in their files, including the Willows.

Hot Lunch today will be Hamburger Stroganoff with Potatoes, corn, and applesauce.