Door Letter   Door  Letter  Door Letter—Week 22

January is ending and we’re headed into February—the month of Valentine parties and another 3-day weekend for President’s Day. This week will be a mid-winter week—lots of work and lots of activities. The new books for the book report will be selected this week (we’re doing hobbies) and that means extra trips to the library. If you have a DeKalb card, please send it. Make sure that your child has a coat to wear as the weather seems to change over the course of the day—last week we couldn’t go out one day because kids in one class didn’t have coats and the temperature had dropped. We need fresh air!   In February, we do our annual food drive and the kids will be making posters and talking about the drive in circle time. We hope to do a collection table over at Kroger one morning, staffed by the Falcons (and some grown-ups). We are a small school, but we are aiming for about 300 pounds of food and we’ll be donating it this year to the Tucker Food Pantry, located over at Tucker Recreation Center. Keep an eye out for flu symptoms, some schools have really been hit with that—luckily, we haven’t. It seems to be one of those slow moving things—achy muscles, slight fever, some congestion, and general sleepiness, and that moves into virus cold symptoms. Everyone should get plenty of sleep. We need some cardboard shoeboxes for Valentine mailboxes—please send one for your Owl or Hummingbird.

Monday (January 30th)—A regular day with four kids going in the morning to pick out their hobby book from the library. We did a really hard, but beautiful puzzle in the playroom last week and today we are starting a new one. This is croissant day in the Owl’s room—International Croissant Day.

Tuesday (Jan. 31)—bills go out today for afterschool (it was a long month and the money goes toward Fatuma’s salary).  We have Spanish today and will be doing some basketball at the outdoor court after lunch. The Pioneers will be having biscuits and honey today this afternoon over in the dining room at the gym. Also, four more kids will go pick out their hobby books today at the library. In the morning before Spanish, the Falcons will take the socks over to the shelter.

Wednesday (Feb. 1)—If it’s pretty today, we’ll take the Hummingbird’s to the new playground at Stone Mountain this morning for an hour or so.

Thursday (Feb. 2)—Catch our breath day—everyone will be doing some writing and reviewing of work done earlier in the week—there will be a chance to watch a video of Daniel Boone in the afternoon and there will be some writing for our Pioneer mural going up in the hall. The Hummingbirds have new workbooks to play with and there might be small homework assignments to review their word flashcards for five minutes each evening.

Friday—Hot Lunch day (Tacos, Spanish rice, bananas) and, as a special treat, electronics day!  Kids are responsible for their chargers and cords and equipment and we’ll have one hour for electronic play from 2:00 to 3:00.