for Week #26

This week will be the real beginning of spring—rain and 60’s and 70’s much of the week. The kids and I spotted buds on almost every tree and bush around Cofer Park Lake and it looks like some of the mallards are nesting. We’ll be putting up two bluebird houses this week and finishing up the “Little Library” box for the Friends of Cofer  Park as well. The kids have checked out their graphic novels for the next book report and since those take little time to read, for the most part, the book report will be March 15th instead of the end of March. I haven’t quite figured out the format for the report, yet, but it will involve some drawing. The Science Fair projects are due next Monday, March 6th but kids can start bringing them in this week. Remember, there is no hot lunch or bus service on Friday as I won’t be here, but we are moving hot lunch (spaghetti, tossed salad, and garlic bread) to Wednesday. The Falcons will help cook the spaghetti so we can experiment with the starch that is a by-product of noodle-cooking. Don’t forget to bring food for the Tucker Food Pantry as the food drive is over on Friday.

Monday—Hummingbirds go swimming at 11:00 a.m. at the YMCA. This will be a regular day for everyone else with a possibility of a rainstorm at recess time, which moves recess to the playroom for games.

Tuesday–At 4:30, a group of girls are headed over to start Gymnastics at the Gym on Montreal. Of course Spanish is today, as well. This is Marde Gras, so there will be some sort of sweet treat today.

Wednesday--tour day for the school (two families are lined up to tour and welcome packets to new enrollees go out today. The excitement for today is TENNIS is on–today at 1:30 at Perimeter College in Clarkston. The Owls go to the library today and we have drama at 3:00. A super busy day for everyone. Hot Lunch is today—spaghetti, tossed salad, and garlic toast.

Thursday—This is Doctor Suess’s birthday, so anyone who wants to come wearing crazy hats or shoes, that would be great. We’ll be watching Horton Hears a Who and Maybe a few other Dr. Suess videos and maybe we’ll spend some time looking at the rhymes of Suess’s older kid books like the Star-Bellied Sneetches, The Lorax, etc. The Falcons are talking about going bowling today, but we have to get some prices to see if that’s feasible.

Friday—A normal day to catch up with all our school work. Debbie will be out today, so no hot lunch today and no bus service.