A full week of work is ahead. Having a short week last week caused a little spillover into this week, but everything will work out in the fullness of time. Some kids have been out with a stomach bug—if your student is throwing up, let them stay home and recover. Gwinnett Schools have been fighting this thing for weeks. We begin Spanish this week and Art classes. Soon the full schedule will be in place. We gave out the school shirts this morning—they are a little big this year but so brightly-colored!  I love the way they look on the kids. Some Falcons and Owls still need to bring in their 3 x 5 cards and cardfile boxes for science. We also need lots of magazines, so if you have any old magazines (even car magazines or farming magazines) please send them in for the kids to cut up and use in art projects. My brothers donated air conditioning magazines and everyone cut up pictures of compressors. We also need everyone to bring plastic grocery throwaway bags on Friday for a special event with our new sustainability coordinator! No one seems interested in Drama this year, so I let Elizabeth know that we won’t be doing it. Yoga class on Friday was a hit and I think many kids will want to stay in that. We do it on Fridays at 3:00.

Monday—Today at circle time, we talked about September birthdays. We have a birthday ritual that involves younger kids “walking around the sun” as many times as they are old—so if you are 3, you’ve been around the sun three times. Then, we ask, now that you are older, what’s your new JOB at your house?  On the website, I’ll put in a list of jobs appropriate to various ages that the extension agency suggests. At Kingfisher, we strongly support children having some home responsibilities along with school responsibilities. Kids like to be responsible. Having a job is part of becoming an autonomous person and part of being in a family. The Falcons have Science class this afternoon.

Tuesday—We begin Spanish class this morning. All groups will go to Spanish and Senora Fretwell will adjust the times after working with the kids.  The Owls have Science this morning, as well. Mr. Smith is the homeroom teacher for the Owls on Tuesdays. The Falcons go to the library on Tuesdays.

Wednesday—is Art Day for the little guys—the Hummingbirds have art from 12:30 to 1:30 on Wednesdays.

Thursday—is Art Day for the Falcons from 12:30 to 1:30. Also, science for Owls and Falcons is today. Hummingbirds go to the library today.

Friday—We have hot lunch today (the menu is posted below) and this is $4/plate and is an entirely voluntary thing—sometimes everyone eats lunch and sometimes only 5 or 6 kids eat. The money we make on lunches goes to the teachers for spending on their classrooms. Today the Owls go to the library. In the afternoon at 1:30, we have a special event with Angela Navarro-Eisenstein, our sustainability outreach coordinator—send plastic grocery bags for this. At 3:00 we’ll have Yoga.

Friday Lunch:

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Dinner Rolls