Week #3—September 14 to 18

This week will more interesting as we start the new activities of tennis, piano, and Spanish. Forms are going out on Piano, which will happen once a week on Thursdays. Tennis is on Wednesdays and Fridays and usually the whole class goes, although some kids would rather stay here at school and do homework or read. The first week, everyone goes and then we talk about it afterward to see if anyone would prefer not to go. Tuesdays are Spanish days and every class participates. For tie-dying, send a 100% cotton t-shirt to school in a slightly larger size than your child wears normally, as in the process of dying, there is some shrinkage. This year the younger groups will do regular tie-dying with vats of dye and rubber bands and the Kangaroos are going to try something new—a glue resist dying process.  This will happen sometime the first week in October. So glad to see cases of Covid going down in DeKalb county. A significant drop from six weeks ago. Bus runs Monday through Thursday and parents/grandparents pick up on Fridays at 3:00.

Monday—A regular day with park time and regular block scheduling. The Wallabies go outside twice a day and everyone else takes breaks on the breezeway, but goes out for their main recess around lunchtime.  

Tuesday—Today, we’ll have Spanish—the youngest group at 11:30, the Sugar Gliders at 12:00, and the Kangaroos at 12:45. Miss Jannette is so excited to meet everyone.

WednesdayTennis day!  Much looked forward to, by the gang. The Sugar Gliders go to play tennis at Briarlake Baptist Church (on the bus) and Coach Kyle will provide extra rackets and balls. I think this is scheduled for 1:00, but I’ll find out later today. I know it’s after lunch. Kids must wear tennis shoes, no sandals.

ThursdayPiano Lessons this morning from 10:30 to 11:00 for four kids and 11:00 to 11:30 for four kids.

Friday—Tennis day for the Kangaroos from 1:00 to 2:00 at Briarlake. Everyone must wear tennis shoes. We’ll probably leave at noon and take our lunches to eat at the playground before tennis. No bus today.

Mask wearing is turning out to be easier than we thought it would be for the kids. When we are outside running around, kids can take off their masks for a bit, but when inside, most are doing pretty well keeping them on. Hopefully, we’ll see the mask requirements relax before the end of the school year and I can finally see everyone’s smiling faces.

We are still accepting kids in every class. If you have a neighbor or co-worker looking for a school and you refer them to us, you get a $25 coupon to use at school in any way you like.

Pizza was a huge hit and we’ll do it again next week and during October, we’ll add a taco lunch, as well.  

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