We are making plans for October that will include some trips and lots of fun. The younger elementary class will go to the Puppetry Arts Center and we are hoping Oaks will get to see some chickens this week to finish out our chicken reading.  Doughnuts for Dads went well—many doughnuts got eaten and we had bagels to celebrate the Jewish New Year. We had bad luck with Subway on Friday (they forgot to do our order and I ended up getting some stuff from Kroger). This week we’ll have regular food—take away food doesn’t work well in Tucker. Remember, bike day is coming up October 13th, so make sure your child’s bike is in good shape for that day.

Monday—Today will be a routine day with work and projects moving along. The Oaks have spent lots of time on Pueblos during their study of indigenous Americans and they are telling me all kinds of stuff I didn’t know.

Tuesday—Tuesday afternoon, the Palms will begin sanding down the wood to make sample castle walls for our Middle Ages study. Also, we do the DeKalb library that afternoon. No heating up lunch foods today as we won’t be here for the lunch period—we’ll be eating at the park.

Wednesday—No tennis today—it is re-scheduled for Friday this week, so we’ll use that time to further our castle work in the Palms class. In the morning, we’ll go see the chickens at a Garden in Decatur.

Thursday—Spanish is in the morning today and later in the morning, the Gwinnett library kids will check out books.

Friday—We have hot lunch today (the menus is posted below) and this is $4/plate and is an entirely voluntary thing—sometimes everyone eats lunch and sometimes only 5 or 6 kids eat. The money we make on lunches goes to the teachers for spending on their classrooms. After lunch, we’re going to play tennis.



Our first Poetry and Popcorn will be October 6th—kids recite favorite poems and to the school community.

PTO is October 10th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  Topic: “How much help does your child need?”

Bike Day will occur on October 13th—everyone brings a bike, trike, etc. and we ride, baby, ride!

Halloween will be celebrated on the 31st, here—costumes are fine and we’ll march down in a tiny parade and eat lunch at Los Colinas on Main Street. This is a tradition and we invite parents to join us for lunch and we often sing a song or two as well.

Report cards come out on the 28th or 29th of October.


Friday’s MENU—Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Rolls