DOOR LETTER   FOR Week #5—September 26 to 30

Elizabeth with Forefront Arts is willing to do a Free Class just to let everyone remember what it’s like to do Drama. They remember how enthusiastic Kingfisher was and want to try us again. Debbie will set this up one afternoon NEXT week.

Remember, we can still add two or three more kids in the kindergarten group, if you know of anyone looking. If you refer someone and they enroll, you get $25 off your tuition as a thank you.

There are other ways to support our school—using a Publix card, linking your Kroger card to us, using to purchase things from Amazon and linking a percentage of the sale to us. For more ideas, see our support page in our website

Monday—Today, the kindergarten group is “back in the saddle again” with Miss Kris as her jury duty is over. We had a good time last week and this week will be excellent as well. Falcons have science at 1:30 today and Hummingbirds have art at 1:30 also. While Brigit does Art with the Hummers, Kris will be doing social studies with the Owls.

Tuesday—A complex day with a lot happening. First the playground time is set early today—we leave at 8:30 and come back for regular school at 9:30. We generally go to Cofer, but if you are dropping off after 9:15 (which is late) please let your child go on into his/her class as we start heading back pretty quickly.

Then, all groups will go to Spanish this morning and the Owls have Science this morning, as well.

In Science the Owls and Miss Deb are visiting the Smoke Rise Garden to see how the end of a season looks in a garden space. They will be doing some quick drawings and taking short notes. We’ll probably carry our lunches and have a picnic as well. Mr. Smith is the homeroom teacher for the Owls on Tuesdays. The Falcons go to the library on Tuesdays.

Wednesday—is the new library day for the Owls, Friday was just too busy. The Hummingbirds have science today and we are going to ACE Hardware to look at their plant area and maybe buy a few plants to make a window garden. At 2:00, there will be a special movie in the playroom—Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory along with popcorn. This is for the entire group as the teachers will be engaged in taking a 1st Aid/CPR class from 2 to 4:00. This also means that the bus will leave late today, probably around 4:00.

Thursday—is Art Day for the Falcons and they are going on a field trip to see the Art on the Beltline with Miss Brigit. They’ll leave in the morning and get back before bus time.  Science for the Owls will be today and we’ll be doing a quick quiz over the vocabulary words so far.  Hummingbirds go to the library today.

Friday—We have hot lunch today and it will be Chicken Pot Pies, corn, and little corn muffins. The Falcons will have science after lunch since we missed it yesterday.